RALPH R. MANENTO – Owner Royal Security Services, Inc.

Tip#1 Talk to your kids about street safety.
Tell your kids that if they ever find themselves in an uncomfortable situation to get away as quickly as possible and to tell someone they trust what happened.

Tip#2 Avoid buying products that bear your child’s name.
If someone calls him or her by name, your child may think a stronger could be a friend.

Tip#3 Meet your kids’ friends.
Get to know the kids your child likes and get together with their parents, too. Share your feelings about safety and discuss the rules each of you have for your children.

Tip#4 Supervise your children in public.
Kids should only use public restrooms when accompanied by a trusted adult. If they get lost in a store or mall, tell them to go to someone who works there for help. Tell your child to never leave the store or mall to look for you.

Tip#5 Suggest safe places to play.
Kids should never play alone in a park. Suggest safe places to go if they feel threatened.

Tip#6 Teach telephone safety.
Tell your kids not to tell a caller their name or give any information about your family. If they answer the phone when you’re not home, suggest that they say you will call them back later. Consider signing up for caller ID, so they know which calls they can answer.

Tip#7 Have your kids walk with a buddy.
There really is safety in numbers. Arrange with other parents to have children walk to the bus stop or school together.

Tip#8 Point out safe houses in your neighborhood.
Walk your child to school or the bus stop and show them homes on your block they can run to if they sense any danger.

Tip#9 Stay close to the phone.
Have your children call you when they arrive at a friend’s house, when they’re ready to come home, or when they get home and you’re at work.

Tip#10 Install a Home Security System…
Consider adding a home security system; if you already have one, teach your children how to use it. Make sure your doors and windows are locked even when your home. Instruct your children never to answer the door.

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