Originally Posted on Facebook by Fire Chief Leon Clapper

Last night October 4, 2018 Blue Ridge Hook & Ladder responded to a CO alarm going off in a residence in Ross Township, which was installed by ROYAL SECURITY. Upon entering BRH&L found high level of CO in the residence.

With that being said ALARMS SAVE LIVES! Coincidently enough this alarm save comes just 3 days before the NFPA National Fire Prevention week, which runs October 7, 2018 – October 13, 2018. Please make sure you are checking your batteries in BOTH smoke detectors AND your CO alarms!!! If you have any questions please either reach out to me on here or feel free to stop by our firehouse on any Tuesday night starting at 7pm.

And again, always remember ALARMS SAVE LIVES!!!

Click the links below to watch a demonstration on how to check your alarms if you are not sure.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Smoke Detector