Summer Vacation Home Security Tips

Summer Vacation Home Security Tips

by Ralph R. Manento, Owner – Royal Security Services, Inc.

Summer vacation home security tips are important for the family that does not want to become victims of the person that makes a living out of stealing possessions.  The first tip is to have a home security system that has monitoring, which is the only way to have full protection from this person.  The home alarm that has monitoring means that when the alarm is triggered as the thief attempts to enter the house it will call the monitoring center.  This is where there are trained personnel that will get the alarm and will alert the proper authorities.  That will mean for the thief that they can be caught before even getting any of the family’s possessions. The other tips are ones that can help this home alarm protect the house even better.

  • When going away on vacation stop the mail and newspaper or have someone pick them up daily. Nothing tells a burglar that no one in the family will be home for an extended amount of time like newspapers and mail that has not been picked up.
  • Use light timers, these are inexpensive and they can be used on televisions, lights and radios to turn t hem on and off at certain times. This will make it appear like the family is at home to anyone watching the house to break-in.
  • Survey all the door and window locks to ensure they are in proper working order, which is important if the family is home or on vacation. This is a good time of the year to do this and it should also be done once during the winter months too, along with checking the battery backup on the home security system. This will ensure that everything is working perfectly to protect the house from break-ins, smoke and fire, whether the family is away on vacation and when they are home.
  • Trim bushes that are near the home, this can create hiding places for the burglar while they are breaking into the house.
  • Have outdoor lighting, or put the porch light on a timer, which will make it possible for the burglar to be seen.

These are tips that can help to keep the house safe while the family is on vacation having a relaxing time , and if the family feels they need more reassurance that the house is safe there is video view, which are cameras that are installed in the house.  These cameras can be viewed on a laptop or smart phone to view any room in the house where they are installed. To ensure that if there is a break-in the alarm system can contact the monitoring center and they will notify the proper authorities and anyone that is on the notification list that there was an alarm triggered at the residence.


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